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US Banks Now Fiat-to-Crypto Gateways from ABRA

Crypto platform ABRA says  US Banks are now fiat-to-crypto gateways for Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and More. It’s being reported that ABRA has partnered with fintech company Plaid to make it possible for users to connect to Abra’s wallets through thousands of bank accounts.

An ABRA announcement:

“Plaid makes it easier for people to connect their bank to financial apps, like Abra. For Abra users, the Plaid integration means that now thousands of banks are easily compatible with the Abra wallet.”

Abra’s CEO does seem confident that the newest developments will bring thousands of financial institutions into the Abra ecosystem.

Time will tell how the programs move forward and what inpact the push forward will have on cryptocurrencies.


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