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Unite for Crypto Mass Adoption.

Unite for CryptoUnite for Crypto Mass Adoption for moving forward. On September 12, 1962, President John F. Kennedy united a nation with a speech.  “We choose to go to the Moon,” President Kennedy said, and the country followed. His famous words inspired a country to reach for a dream, to boldly go where no nation had gone before, the moon. In the course of human history, one voice has driven many to achieve great things. Small groups have gathered together from all walks of life, at different times, and from different places, to join the masses in a common goal. That drive and determination are what cryptocurrency needs.

Nine years ago Bitcoin was born, and from it, the blockchain industry has evolved. Bitcoin and the blockchain are changing our lives in ways never imagined. Business is growing and expanding the use of blockchain technology on almost a daily basis. Bitcoin has seen tremendous growth in nine years, and since its birth, many other cryptocurrencies have come along. During the expansion of cryptocurrency one thing still lacks in its evolution, the masses.

Cryptocurrency has the potential for worldwide use, but there are several obstacles in its path. These obstacles must be overcome and to succeed in moving forward, people must be educated and inspired to use cryptocurrency. People will do extraordinary things when motivated and when they have faith in what they are doing. For cryptocurrency to be accepted by the masses, it is the responsibility of everyone with a voice, every current participant in cryptos, to work together to achieve one united voice. That voice must insist on changes with the current cryptocurrencies. That voice must drive the industry to solve some fundamental failures in the current mass adoption of cryptos.

Educating the masses must take place, people must be able to quickly understand the concepts and uses of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It is still too complicated for the general public to understand and use the basics of cryptocurrency. As long as people don’t understand it, they will not want or use it.

Cryptocurrency is known for its volatility, and that makes it undesirable. People will have no desire to understand it if the information they currently receive tells of how unreliable it is. Cryptocurrencies have turned from a spendable asset that can be used for buying and selling goods and services to just an investment option. People need to touch it, feel it, and that happens when they go to buy something they want or need. They transfer the need or want of an object to the possession of a crypto coin, and feel the satisfaction of ownership of the item, by spending or buying the coin. The process is the same for fiat currency as it is cryptos, the difference being people are so conditioned to need and even expect ownership of fiat currency.

People like to feel safe, safe in everyday life, safe in relationships and safe in their financial future. One big hurdle facing cryptocurrency is theft. The news reports are almost weekly that a cryptocurrency has been hacked and millions are now missing. These reports translate to fear with the average person. No one wants their money to disappear; people will pay higher bank fees, long wait times to get their money if they believe their money is safe. The blockchains must be secured, hackers must be found and prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law, and the world needs to be informed when hackers pay the price.

Currently, Banks and governments are standing in the way of expanding cryptocurrency. In order for these organization to change there stance on cryptos, they will need to hear from the people. People need to make their voice heard and in large enough groups to get attention.  People must join together to push the future of cryptocurrency.

Only by working together with cryptocurrency continue on its course of growth. Problems need to be solved, and no one person or entity has the solutions. Now is the time to rethink the shared understandings, explanations, and misconceptions of cryptocurrency. Now is the time for finding solutions and build the future path of cryptocurrencies for everyone, not just for those already involved.  Mass adoption of cryptocurrency should be the number 1 goal of every crypto enthusiast.

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