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Securely Store Cryptocurrency Guaranteed.

Securely Store CryptocurrencyTrust has quickly become a significant concern in the cryptocurrency community. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of digital currencies have been stolen by hackers over the past few months.  A solution to these continuing hacks must be found if any digital currency is ever to reach global mass adoption. The ability to securely store cryptocurrency must be guaranteed.

Experts say the problem is unlikely to go away anytime soon, and fears about security are reflected in today’s crypto prices.  According to Yo Kwon, the CEO of Hosho Group, a Nevada-based company that specializes in securing applications that use blockchain,  estimates that about a third of all cryptocurrency exchanges have been hacked at some point. And he predicts “many more” will suffer the same fate. Kwon further stated, “Exchanges that understand the increasing importance of security — for not only their longevity but as a competitive advantage — will do better.”

Some experts say vulnerability to hacks is the result of the infancy of virtual currencies compared with more traditional assets like stocks and bonds. In some part, this may be true, however, in some instances that are not the case.

Cryptocurrency exchanges, Not Guaranteed

Cryptocurrency exchanges are websites where you can buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies for other digital currency or traditional currency. Most cryptocurrency users still trust online exchanges to hold their money. Users do this which leaves them at risk of being defrauded by the exchange’s operators, or having their digital coins stolen by hackers.

It has become painfully apparent that leaving your currency on an exchange is dangerous if you are not actively trading them. One cryptocurrency believed from its start that trust would play a significant role in digital currency mass adoption. Dnotes Global thought that working towards something better from the beginning was paramount to successful mass adoption.

Securely Store Cryptocurrency In A Vault, Guaranteed

xcoinAs we looked at ways to securely store cryptocurrency one method stood out. That method and the business model surrounding it gives hope to the possibilities of unlimited growth.

DNotes is money, digital money that can be spent to buy goods and services; it can be saved, or transferred to others. It is easier to open A DNotes Vault is easier to open is easier to open than a bank account. Moreover, it is also secure. The DNotes Global vision is focused on building a trusted digital currency. A cryptocurrency that is superior to fiat currency.  As a result, DNotes is capable of serving as a supplement to fiat currency in commerce around the globe, conveniently available to everyone in the world.

DNotes is a blockchain-powered digital currency.  The DNotes peer-to-peer payment system enables users to send money to one another. Most noteworthy, the DNotes system accomplishes the task quickly, efficiently, and without the expense of going through an intermediary middleman.

DNotes Vault Guaranteed is a secure vehicle of DNotes. DNotes guarantees 100% of users deposits through a separate cold storage account, secured in a different location, with an amount always more than the total deposit. Even more, the guaranteed funds are verifiable any time through the blockchain. DNotesVault is a web wallet for DNotes, available to all DNotes’ stakeholders, at no cost. One of DNotes core missions is to build a vast generation of DNotes stakeholders worldwide through a family of CR.I.S.Ps. (Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans). Its purpose is to encourage and assist everyone, worldwide, to support and participate in the high potential returns of digital currency savings.

DNotes is the cryptocurrency that supplies a secure, 100% guaranteed, vault system of storage. Furthermore, DNotes, with its vault, brings a security measure to cryptocurrency that is badly needed. Users have a secure way to transact business and hold cryptocurrency without the fear of hackers. As DNotes grows so shall the crypto community built around it.


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