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Price of Bitcoin Up Up and Away? Well Maybe

As we move into September excitement is building with the price of Bitcoin slowly raising during the past week. August has been another month of wait and see for Bitcoin investors. On July 31 we saw a price of  $8140 on Bitcoin but as August moved in the rate dipped to $7570 overnight.

In mid-August, the 14th, Bitcoin dropped to $6065 but has been steadily gaining ground. As you can see from the 3-month graph below (Bitcoin Price Index Page), today price is back up over $7200.

Bitcoin(BTC) current price

Price of Bitcoin, 7 Day Look

The past seven days of Bitcoin activity have given investors hope that a steady increase is coming. Stability in Bitcoin will grab market attention and should help the long-term value. As Bitcoin continues to raise the anticipation is, so will altcoins.

7 Day Chart Bitcoin Price Index.

weekly bitcoin price

Many investors have been spending the summer hoping for a skyrocketing effect in the price of Bitcoin.  A huge jump in value like we saw last December may not be in our future just yet. However, a steady, long-term increase will work just fine.

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