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NOTE with Mercatox
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NOTE with Mercatox June 9 2018

From DNotes Global, NotesDNotes Mercatox started trading on the Mercatox exchange June 9th, moving DNotes one step forward towards their goals. DNotes primary goal is to “create a new financial market in the digital world,” according to its company statements on

According to DNotes Global CEO Alan Yong, “DNotes was never designed to be a niche solution for a niche problem. From the beginning, we have been committed to creating a trusted digital currency that people around the world can rely on for greater financial inclusiveness and empowerment. Digital currency must be able to improve people’s lives. At DNotes Global, we are committed to ensuring that DNotes fulfills that promise.”

A company spokesperson has confirmed that DNotes Global is currently in talks with other cryptocurrency exchanges. DNotes 2.0 is the most current version, and since its release, it is listed with the Nlexch, Bitebtc, and now the Mercatox exchanges.

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