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Ledger Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Updated

Ledger cryptocurrency wallet seems to be a great way to keep your cryptocurrency safe. The best hardware wallet we found is the LEDGER, and it comes in several models that you can see here. The official Ledger website explains all the models and the differences. The most common for beginners to advanced users is the Nano S which is pictured.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware walletIt is essential to purchase your Ledger directly from the manufacturer. Hackers can place spyware or other malicious software on any hardware wallet and then resell it as new to steal cryptocurrency. BUY DIRECT and be safe!

This official video tutorial shows in less than one minute how you can handle your Ledger Nano S, with its USB port, OLED screen, and two buttons to validate transactions.

Ledger Apps

Apps for your Ledger devices

The Ledger Apps are free official application interfaces between your Ledger devices and the Bitcoin & Ethereum decentralized networks. They are designed to be lightweight and easy to use.

Wallet apps Manage your accounts and send & receive payments.

Management apps Manage apps on your device, authenticate transactions

List of cryptocurrencies supported by Ledger: please check at for up-to-date compatibility between Currency and wallet types.


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