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Keeping Your Cryptos Safe: New Dangers You Should Be Aware Of

Although crypto enthusiasts don’t like to hear about it, cryptocurrency thefts happen all the time. If you got some assets in bitcoin, you have every right to be concerned about their security. At least, according to the results from the latest research conducted by Kaspersky Labs.

This online security company has found out that hackers are getting more and more sophisticated in their crypto-stealing methods. And the worst thing is that they’ve changed their focus from large crypto exchanges to individual users. What this means is that even you can become their victim.

To make sure you stay safe, it’s crucial to learn more about the common tactics cybercriminals have been using lately to rob people off their cryptos. Let’s discuss some of them.

  • Phishing. In some cases, the easiest way to steal someone’s bitcoin is to trick them into giving away their login credentials. This tactic is called phishing, and the reason why it’s so dangerous is that cybercriminals have become great at creating fake websites that mimic real cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Trojan horses. Even though these types of computer viruses have been around for years, they’re still pretty dangerous. Unless you have a powerful antivirus on your computer, you can’t consider yourself protected.
  • Crypto mining botnets. This tactic does not have anything to do with stealing your cryptos; instead, it steels your power by remotely using your computer for cryptocurrency mining. Again, it’s the malware to blame, as that is what the hackers are using to get full control of your computer. The good news is that a good antivirus should be able to spot them on time.

As you probably realize, you can keep yourself safe from cyber criminals by having antimalware software on your devices. The question is how you can stay protected from online frauds that are out of your antivirus’ reach? For instance, how are you supposed to separate fake crypto exchanges from the real ones?

Fake or Real: How to Find the Right Crypto Exchange?

If you’re planning to invest some money into cryptocurrencies, you need to know that there are dangers lurking in every corner. We saw some big scams in 2018, in which fake crypto exchanges disappeared without a trace, taking millions of dollars from the users along the way.

The group of hackers was going under the name of Lazarus, which is suspected to be backed by the government of North Korea, is behind some of the biggest cryptocurrency thefts. But, that’s just the top of the iceberg. Crypto scams happen all the time.

The rule to avoiding getting scammed is to think twice before giving your money to someone. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. So, better stay away from such offers. Playing safe means that you likely won’t become a millionaire overnight, but on the other hand, you also won’t have to worry about losing all the money you got. Therefore, our advice is to do business only with legit crypto exchanges that have already proven themselves.

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