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HTC Cryptocurrency Smartphone

HTC Cryptocurrency Smartphone Now on Sale for Regular Cash

HTC Cryptocurrency Smartphone

The HTC Cryptocurrency Smartphone, manufacturer the Taiwanese company that’s been around for more than two decades has gotten into some trouble in the last couple of years. The thing is that HTC hasn’t been making as much profit as projected. But, that might change pretty soon. Their solution to the profit drop lies in adapting to the market and getting involved in new technologies like blockchain.

The result of their efforts to get in on the blockchain action was the development of a smartphone that’s designed with cryptocurrencies in mind. The smartphone in question is called HTC Exodus 1 and it’s been on sale since for a few months, more precisely, since October 2018.

Why You Might Not Even Heart of It?

The main reason why the smartphone hasn’t been in the spotlight, like some other smartphones made
by brands like Apple or Samsung, is that up until recently, you couldn’t buy it with fiat money. You
could buy it only with cryptocurrencies.

When it was launched last October, the price of the smartphone was 0.15 bitcoin. At that time, 0.15 BTC was equal to 950 USD. However, as the value of bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) continued to drop, the price of the phone dropped to around $570 US dollars.

The company tried to fix the problem by raising its price in bitcoin to 0.18 BTC, before eventually
deciding to give up on the entire idea of using cryptos as the only payment option. And finally, they’ve
decided to put HTC Exodus 1 for sale for real cash.

HTC Exodus 1 is now available at a price of $750. Still, those who wish to save some money are advised to go with BTC payments, because 0.18 BTC is still cheaper than $750.

Main Features of HTC Exodus 1

1440p LCD Display (6.00”)
12/16MP Dual Camera
8MP Dual Selfie Camera

Snapdragon 845 CPU
6GB of RAM
128GB of Storage
3500 mAh Battery

Cryptocurrency Features

If you take a look at Exodus 1 specs, you will notice that there aren’t many things that make it stand out, from similar smartphones. However, there’s one thing that most other smartphones do not have. The thing that makes it stand out from the crown is that it’s cryptocurrency friendly.

Its cryptocurrency feature is separate from the operating system of the phone, which in turn, means
that it’s much safer than cryptocurrency wallets you can find online. The feature is actually a sort of
cryptocurrency wallet that HTC named Zion. It can be sued for storing Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

The Zion wallet comes as a feature independent of the web browser, but there will be a Zion plugin on
the upcoming version of the Opera browser, with the purpose of making cryptocurrency transactions
even faster and easier.

Is HTC Exodus 1 a Good Buy?

Even if the smartphone had no cryptocurrency features, its specs would make it an attractive choice
anyway. Of course, for those involved in cryptos, the Zion wallet is the most important feature of this

If you’re planning to get involved in crypto trading, HTC Exodus 1 is definitely a good choice, but you
should also know that there are many other smartphone brands that have started developing similar
phones. For example, Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to be crypto-friendly.

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