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Electrum Wallet Setup
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Electrum Wallet Setup Guide Video for DNotes

Electrum wallet setup for DNotes 2.0 is now available in a video. The step by step install guide is very straightforward and a real must-have for anyone wanting to pay in DNotes.  The video tutorial shows how to install the DNotes electrum wallet, generate a seed passphrase, and make payments.

The video has five easy and quick steps:

00:10 – Download the wallet

00:32 – Installing the wallet

01:12 – Creating wallet seed/passphrase

04:00 – Pay someone using the DNotes Electrum wallet

06:05 – Accessing your DNotes Electrum wallet using seed/passphrase.

More information can about the  Electrum wallet be found at

If you want quick information about DNotes wallet, the article below may be helpful to you.

electrum wallet install

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