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Crypto Hacker Busted and More To Come

Crypto Hacker Busted In Oklahoma City by authorities and many believe the man suspected to be one of the most infamous “SIM swappers”. Sim Swappers steal cellphone numbers and use them in cryptocurrency heists.

At the end of September, Oklahoma News 4 reported that the Secret Service had detained Joseph Harris, 21, and Fletcher Robert Childers, 23. Joseph Harris is accused of stealing $14 million in cryptocurrency in one single heist.

Crypto Hacker Busted, The “Doc”

Reportedly, according to multiple sources in the criminal underground world of SIM hijackers, Harris is known as “Doc,” who they claim is one of the most prolific SIM swappers on the internet. Harris has been charged with hacking, identity theft, and grand larceny, according to a statement of facts provided by the authorities to On September 21, Harris allegedly hacked Crowd Machine, a blockchain startup company. He reportedly stole The CEO’s private keys, which allowed him to access Crowd Machine wallets and steal the cryptocurrency.

The CEO reported the theft the next day to the Regional Enforcement Allied Computer Team—or REACT—a task force of multiple local California police departments that focus on cybercrime. REACT  has been investigating SIM swapping hacks for months. This time, after a quick investigation, the authorities were able to locate and arrest Harris.

More arrests are coming, according to the investigators.

According to

“REACT isn’t going to stop the SIM swapping investigation until SIM swapping stops,” and  “If it’s gonna take us arresting every SIM swapper in the United States.”

Time will tell.

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