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Bitcoin Market Share Prices, Live.

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Crypto Coins Market Prices are listing of all active cryptocurrencies. Market activity stipulates the listing of any coin. Coin Listings updated daily with actual prices updated minute by minute.

Crypto Coins Market Prices list of all active cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin market share uses update listing information from with live updates. Please verify all listing info from more than one source. No matter what knowledge source you use always gather as much information as possible and check with multiple choices.

Crypto Coins Market Prices Chart

The Listing chart above contains critical areas of interest for Crypto Coins Market Prices for investors.

Different Columns:

  1. NAME: This column refers to the cryptocurrency name, additional the coin icon and abbreviation is listed.
  2. Price: This column reflects the current reported market price.
  3. Changes 1H: In this reference, you can see the market price change from 1 hour ago.
  4. Changes 24H: The 24H refers to a market change from 24 hours ago till now.
  5. Changes 7D: Indicates the change in market price from 7 days ago to now.
  6. Market Cap: This defines the current supply of tokens multiplied by current price. If a coin has 100 tokens outstanding and is trading for $10 a coin, it has a market cap of $1000.
  7. Volume 24H: This is the number of coins that have been traded in the last 24 hours, basically, showing how many people are buying and selling the coin
  8. Available Supply: Is the amount of coin that is already in existence. However, not all of the coins may be circulating at present. Remember, some places refer to Circulating supply, which is the amount of coin available at present and circulating in the market. Also, Maximum supply is the amount of coin that will ever exist for that particular cryptocurrency.
  9. Price Graph: The yellow price graph shows the movement in the value of each coin. A more detailed graphics located on each coins page.


Listings are presented in groups of 25; the next and previous 25 can be viewed by clicking the button on the top or bottom of the graph. You can enter a specific coin in the search box for an individual coin listing. A search can be completed by coin name or coin abbreviation.

Crypto coins market prices can also be viewed on mobile devices. For the best mobile viewing experience, the landscape view on most devices works best. A mobile app is currently being completed, watch for updates soon.

Crypto Coins Market Prices Price Charts

Price charts for individual coins are located on each coins page. Simply click the coin name in the graph, and it will take you to the corresponding page. Each chart is presented in a simple price chart manner. The prices will be reflected in a line graph.

You will have the option to make adjust the viewable time frame.  When viewing the graph, you can change from one day, one week, one month, three months, six months, and one year view. This is commonly referred to as a ZOOM option on a chart. Setting the viewable time frame can also be completed manually at the bottom of the graph.

Simple Charts

A line chart, like the one on coin pages,  is one of the most basic charts for the cryptocurrency. These charts are designed for ease of use but still with quality information. These charts show the simple progression of a coin over time represented by a line. Furthermore, another useful feature of our charts is the ability to hover over the line chart and get the data for that given period. View a typical coin page chart on our Ethereum page.

Crypto Coins Market Prices

We hope this gives you a basic understanding of how to read our trading charts and what all the sections mean. Of course, you may come across other charts that are more complex or a bit different working, however, for the most part, they are very similar. Most people who are just starting out in cryptocurrency first start following the price of Bitcoin and your other favorite coins daily. Try not to obsess over it, but just kinda keep track, and this will get you more familiar with reading charts and looking at them.

As great as all this information may be, what can you actually do with it? Hopefully, using these charts for technical analysis can help you to see when it might be good to buy and when it might be good to sell. Technical analysis is a lot more advanced and something I will go over in a future article. Now that you are armed with the basics of chart reading knowledge, good luck with your entrance to crypto.

We here at hope our information is helpful. If you need specific information, noninvestment advice, please let us know. We are always looking for ideas and suggestions for new articles and stories. Contact us with your thoughts on how we can help or expand your knowledge of cryptocurrency.


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