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Blockchain Giveaway May Increase the Use of Cryptocurrency

In an attempt to increase the popularity of cryptocurrency on a global scale, Blockchain, a company named after the technology that stands at the root of Bitcoin has recently organized the biggest cryptocoin giveaway in history. Despite Bitcoin being the most valuable currency of its type, the company has chosen Stellar lumens for this giveaway.

While the primary reason behind this move was to popularize Stellar’s XLM token, the action may have much greater implications across the industry. This is partially due to the fact that the company has essentially created the precedent when it comes to giveaways of a scale this large. In time, other companies may use the same strategy in order to popularize their services and types of cryptocurrency.

A faster way to integrate cryptocurrency into our lives

Through this unexpected and unprecedented move, Blockchain, may speed up the way in which businesses, individuals, and various systems accept the possibility in working using cryptocoin. This having been said, it is important to keep in mind that the actual “airdrop,” or the currency giveaway, is only a part of the company’s efforts.

Blockchain, a company that offers wallet services for cryptocurrency, has also partnered up with a number of companies and organizations in order to expand the crypto community. However, these partnerships are also meant to emphasize the usability and usefulness of Stellar across the world.

Fast growth similar to that of Bitcoin

Stellar has grown in value at largely the same rate as Bitcoin when it first appeared. Some consider that this is due to Blockchain’s efforts to popularize it in countries from all over the world. However, the new type of cryptocoin is nowhere near the value of Bitcoin.

Still, Stellar has seen a rapid growth as a result of the company’s partnerships, and it is likely to continue growing in the future.

A company with a vision

Blockchain initially started out by only offering crypto-wallet services, however, it has recently taken up the initiative to actively help people understand what cryptocurrency is and how it could solve some of the economic issues of our time. The company is currently leveraging somewhere around 30 million wallets and has several partnerships, including one with Stanford School’s Emerging Technology Initiative.

Why Stellar and not Bitcoin?

Many have wondered why the company is giving away Stellar instead of a cryptocoin that is better known or has more market value. Blockchain clarified the situation explaining that the network that powers Stellar is actually much faster and easier to use on a global scale than that of other types of cryptocoin.

This having been said, it seems that the company is not necessarily attempting to push Stellar lumens over the value of Bitcoin but to prove to the world that this new network is much more suited for fast transactions from one part of the world to another.

Overall, this move may be one that will have a large impact on how businesses and organizations see cryptocoin. Also, by giving away Stellar lumens, Blockchain, has introduced the currency to people who may not have used it before.

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