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Bitcoin Price Update
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Bitcoin Price Update.

Here we are closing in on the first week of June and still waiting for a big price breakout of Bitcoin. Slow goes the wait but don’t give up the ship. Yesterday Bitcoin was below $7,400 against the US Dollar, and currently, it’s back up at $7,700.

Look at the chart below, the current price action is decisive, but still below what investors were hoping for in the last few months.

Bitcoin-Price-Update 2

In the chart below you can see the last six months activity. Since last Decembers high of $19,704 Bitcoin enthusiasts have been watching and waiting to see if that high number can come back. Many pro-activists of cryptocurrency stand strong in their beliefs that the price will grow and even surpass last Decembers highs.

Bitcoin Price Update

Bitcoin is still the leader of all cryptocurrencies and shows no signs of weakening. New companies and governments are adopting Bitcoin worldwide. The number of businesses that are excepting Bitcoin is also on the rise.

The  reported, “The financial firm, Susquehanna International Group in Bala Cynwyd, Pa., just outside Philadelphia, is one of the largest players in trading traditional investments like stocks, options, and exchange-traded funds, or E.T.F.s. Over the last two years, the privately owned company has also built up a trading desk of around a dozen people that buys and sells millions of dollars’ worth of Bitcoin and other virtual or cryptocurrencies in private deals.”

In time as Bitcoin becomes more mainstream its value will increase.

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