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Bitcoin Hold Time or Lose, You Choose!

Bitcoin hold time is here amidst a 70 percent market correction, the third worst correction in the history of the cryptocurrency. During this current market shift, we have seen prices drop dramatically in the crypto sphere.  But, the forward-thinking approach of some investors in the cryptocurrency market shows a thought process of growth and prosperity. Many believe that investment opportunities at this price range will never come back.

Each time the cryptocurrency market recovers from its correction, it establishes a new all-time high. After reaching its new top, it then falls back to its previous all-time high. So far the market has never fallen back to its previous bottom.

Bitcoin Hold Time or Not?

For those people who bought at the end of 2017, they are experiencing big loses if they cash in. The obvious option is to hold and wait for the market to pick back up. So far the market has always bounced back. So, with the past market history showing the probability of another gain, some investors are buying from ladened fear sellers. Bitcoin is now selling at just above $6,100. And long-term investors are taking advantage of the low price.

Andreessen Horowitz, one of the largest technology-focused venture capital firms has created a $300 million fund dedicated to the crypto market. Andreessen Horowitz is no stranger to investing and new businesses. Since 2009 he has invested in and created more multi-billion dollar startups than any other venture capital firm in the world.

This week it was officially announced the formation of a $300 million fund targeted at the crypto market. Their primary strategy and long-term vision of creating valuable investments for returns in the long run. The Company, A16Z made the announcement and the general manager, Chris Dixon stated that the company is fully aware of the volatile nature of the market and expects the cryptocurrency sector to have more ups and downs in the future.

“We believe we are still early in the crypto movement,” Dixon said, implying that the cryptocurrency sector is at its infancy and has potential to grow at a fast pace in the long-term.

Sell or lose

The buyers who paid high last December must now decide to hold and wait for a new high or sell before a greater market fall.   No one knows for sure what will happen but looking at past market history, and the number of institutions buying, the future could be bright.

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