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Airdrop Listing Information For The Top Producers We Found

Airdrop is the process used by a cryptocurrency to distribute freely, give away, tokens to the wallets of existing or new users. Airdrops are a great way to advertise a cryptocurrency item, such as a coin, exchange or any product related to cryptocurrency.

It can be challenging to locate Airdrops, and many have individual rules or requirements to qualify. New platforms have been designed to bring you many of the airdrops information to one place, a website. Those platforms can list the top quality airdrops, inform you of the rules, offer assistance, basically give you all the information you need to make useful, informed decisions.

We have put together a brief list of the best platforms we found. There are many airdrops available, and many have date deadlines, so they change daily. An excellent platform will give you this information. The platforms listed below should help you find the airdrops that will work for you.

In No Certain Order

99airdrops-comLaunched in the first part of 2018, this new platform, 99airdrops, stands out for being reliable as a source for new or upcoming airdrops. It’s the best place to visit if you’re interested in enlisting in airdrops, but it’s also very useful when it comes to helping you learn about airdrops in general.

Alert Airdrop

Alert Airdropairdropalert-com is yet another feature-packed platform for airdrop enthusiasts. Just like, it has a very user-friendly and modern-looking UI. It provides its users with a broad range of filtering options. For example, the airdrops can be filtered and arranged based on their ongoing and soon-to-end statuses.

Also, Alert Airdrop has various other features that are not present on other platforms of this type.

Coin Airdrop

Coin Airdropcoinairdrops-com is another useful source for locating legitimate and beneficial airdrops. The website is regularly updated to provide its users with the very best airdrop broadcasts. It features an intuitive GUI that provides easy access to information about upcoming airdrops events and how to claim the airdrops in question.

Airdrop Paddict

airdropaddict-comMuch like the others, Airdrop Addict is another top-notch platform where you can get notified about the latest airdrops.

The platform makes use of a robust ranking system that ensures that you are provided with only the best airdrops.

Crypto Airdrop (Twitter Channel)

Crypto Airdrop is a very open Twitter channel that aims to help both experts and amateurs find and register for airdrops.

Crypto Airdrop is not the complete medium for learning about airdrops; however, it’s beneficial when it comes to finding the latest airdrops at any given moment.


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